Painted with Sunshine

“How do you spell ‘love’?” – Piglet
“You don’t spell it…you feel it.” – Pooh

Winnie the Pooh

Newborns, by their nature, are simply awe-inspiring.  These precious babies have been a mysterious marvel to their parents for 9 months as they imagine everything that life holds for them.  Then magically one day, they come into your lives and change it forever and the dream becomes reality.  From that first moment you meet them, it's love at first sight.  It's that "magic" and possibility that inspires my work.

So what is Painted with Sunshine??  Think back to times before our cell phones and even cameras….if we wanted a lasting image, it was commissioned by an artist who thoughtfully painted in detail using a master’s eye for light and shadow, composition, scale, perspective, color and tone.  Over the years, I’ve received awards and recognition for my traditional artistic talents, but now I’ve traded-in my paintbrush and canvas for a camera and computer.  And my passion and love for creating art has only grown since then.

After 10 years of creating these digital fine art pieces for my own personal enjoyment and creative pleasure, I’m excited to offer my Painted with Sunshine collection to my clients as an additional product purchase selection to your newborn session.  Painted with Sunshine are custom, commissioned works of art that are created with images taken of your baby at your newborn session and skillfully hand-painted into the final pieces.  For baby’s safety, these are composite images.  I’ve spent years honing my skills, investing in education and training (both for baby safety and editing)…even creating custom support posers perfectly sized for newborns, all in an effort to create unique “baby as art” pieces for your enjoyment.  For more information on pricing or to book your session, contact me here.

(Common sense disclaimer – In these images, the babies are always safely posed either on their backs or tummy, and NEVER sitting up (even though it may look like it in some images).  It is NEVER safe to pose a newborn sitting up.  Please don’t attempt this at home.)

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